Everything started as child play, 20 years ago; I have barely finished college, when I borrowed a welding machine and some other tools from my friends and performed the first "installation" work: repairs to some heaters that were leaking, at a friend's house.

Andrei Museteanu - Director General - Anconi Group

Other small repairs followed, then more serious “works”, a new wall plant, a new heating system, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical installations, then an assembly room… the rest is history.

Thus, the foundation of Anconi was made, by Andrei Museteanu (ANdrei CONstructions Installations), a company exclusively with Romanian capital, started from the bottom, with purely theoretical concepts regarding installations gained from the specialized faculty, but also animated by optimism, lots of passion and the desire to leave something good behind at the end of every work.

20 years of activity, of new challenges, of “first time” works, of building a young and dynamic team that has constantly grown in value over the years, of investing in new technologies, specialized training courses and accreditations, have lead to the establishment of what the Anconi brand means today, a well known name in the field of installations in Romania, a successful business.

Today, the Anconi group delivers all works with the same satisfaction and severity, whether we are talking about projects with budgets of millions of euro, or about plain repairs for “some heaters”…