Sanitary installations are very important for any type of construction and enable the building to keep a healthy relationship between the users and the environment. It is very important for the systems in use to be as friendly as possible to the environment, while waste treatment should be performed in as detailed manner as possible.


  • Water line installations
  • Sewage water takeover installations
    • Pluvial
    • Domestic
    • Fire limitation and extinguishing installations
      • Drenchers
      • Sprinklers
      • Indoor hydrants
      • Outdoor hydrants
    • Water treatment installations
    • Gas installations
      • Natural
      • Liquid petroleum
      • Technological gas
    • Distribution installations
      • Fuel
      • Cold domestic water
      • Sewage

Many types of materials are used for plumbing, varying from black/galvanized and stainless steel, to reticulated or high density polyethylene and polypropylene pipes, each system having its own features. Depending on each type of system, they can be buried, visible or suspended, each material being chosen in accordance with the environment in which it will be mounted.

The equipment used is largely varied, in a continuous modernization and renewal process, so that they are as friendly as possible to the environment, via adjusting the water and energy consumption.

Our company can assist you in carrying out any type of plumbing works that might be needed, using qualified and authorized staff for each type of installation in particular, observing all applicable norms and legislation, while applying our previous experience in maintenance/servicing and the operation of the systems.