Ventilation installations for a building are of many kinds, and they are used to introduce, exhaust and treat the air which is necessary for the space and the purpose of the building.

Ventilation installations:

  • Smoke dampers
  • Extraction
  • Pressurizing
  • Fresh air introduction
  • Air treatment plants
  • Cooling towers
  • Air conditioning
  • Cold rooms

For each particular system, we have dedicated equipment, such as heat pumps, chillers, fans, hoods, air treatment plants, air conditioning units etc.

The equipment is chosen and sized specially for each user, room or purpose and various solutions are available for all categories of users and environments where they are carrying out their activity.

The equipment above can be fueled by methane gas or electrical power, in accordance with the resources in the area and the requirements of the beneficiary. Depending on the environment where they are mounted, they will have a degree of protection from dust and humidity, while, depending on the purpose of the rooms, they will have various filters with pockets, compact, with activated charcoal, HEPA or ULPA.

Depending on the system, zinc plate piping of various thicknesses and diameters, spiro or rectangular model, protected or isolated. In this field we have succeeded in developing in a manner that has allowed us to erect a facility where we produce piping of various sizes and types. Other types of flexible piping are also used, such as PVC, or black/zinc pipes, isolated, copper etc. for air-water systems.

Depending on the purpose of the rooms, there are several types of grids that can be mounted in the space, for introduction, exhaust, transfer and for boards. Also, the material from which they are made of varies from PVC to stainless or aluminum, adjustable or with adjustment valves.

Together with the qualified personnel and the experience of our company, we can help you choose and put into practice the optimal solutions for your needs.