Electrical installations are the systems without which no building can properly function. They help functioning any equipment, installation and system. We live in a world that is continuously on the move and permanently improving, and without such installations and without them being properly executed, according to the law and security norms, we might affect the life of the building, of ourselves and of the people around us.

Electrical installations:

  • High current installations
    • Supply of electrical power (electrical panels, distribution, connections, equipment etc)
    • Supply from alternative, back-up sources (UPS, electric sets)
    • Supply from renewable and unconventional sources (photovoltaic panels, wind energy)
    • Distribution of electrical power (low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage)
    • Grounding and lightning rod
    • Echipotentiality installations
    • Lighting installation
    • Power installations
  • Low current installations
    • Access control installations
    • Video-intercom installations
    • Voice-data installations
    • Fire detection installations
    • Video surveillance installations
    • Perimeter surveillance and alarming installations
    • Anti-breaking installations
    • Monitoring and dispatch installations
    • Building Management System installations

All systems are wired in accordance with the place of mounting, the serviced space, mounting method, but also with the specifications of the installed systems and equipment. Another important part is represented by the electrical power distribution, represented by the electrical panels, distribution cable and the distribution or transport bus-bar. For a proper operation, these systems are installed with compensation batteries, fuse boxes, connection units, corresponding to the serviced consumers and the space in which they are mounted.

Lighting must be in relation to the activity that is being performed in the space, according to the utility plan, type of lighting, necessary lighting and color display factor. This can be of several types: incandescent, fluorescent, economical, LED or with discharge.

For any equipment, the degree of protection from water and dust must be established, as well as the degree of protection from fire spreading or fire resistance.

It is important that contractor uses qualified staff and all the approved and authorized tools and equipment, of the highest quality, not only for the safety of the personnel, but also for the safety in operation over a longer period of time.

All these installations are carried out by our company since its foundation, by our trained personnel, respecting all the applicable safety norms, execution norms and legislation. It is very important that these installations are performed correctly, since they are the backbone of the building installations-wise and the main supply system for the installed systems and equipment.